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Getting a two-for-one is always a bonus in these days of financial FAIL and on-going economic Armageddon, so just imagine an individual app that is both a physics puzzlers and a mystery mind-measurer all in one. Now stop imagining and step into The Room…


Puzzle apps are almost 10 a penny on Google Play these days, each successive arrival claiming to a uniqueness that somehow sets it apart from all others and makes it’s a ‘must-have’ app. And while we’ve certainly seem some undoubted originality on Android over its existence, we can honestly say that we’ve seen nothing like this before. Let’s start with the visuals – sharper than a razor-edged Oscar Wilde, the 3D graphic effect is flawlessly realistic as you move around and begin to explore the strange, suspense-filled, at times almost sinister tricks and traps of The Room, sliding panels, turning dials and exploring the secrets of the focal point of the app, the box, with something that starts as initial interest and turns quickly into utter addiction. Engaging your innate sense of curiosity instantly and immersing you in an inescapable world of intense exploration, The Room surprises, delights, confounds and confuses at every turn in equal measure, making this puzzle perfection. [Not a valid template]


A multi-award winning app that anyone with a mind for mystery and a palate for puzzles will find impossible to put down, cancel any short-term plans now; this is the only Room you’ll be seeing for a while…

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Current version: 0.54 Requires Android 2.0.1 Download The Room app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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Unadulterated puzzle app ingenuity...


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  • » Utterly original
  • » Amazing graphics
  • » Flawless gameplay

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  • » Too addictive
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The Room

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