In a serious of events that may have been a better bet to build a film around rather than that of the not-great The Simpson Movie, Homer’s at the heart of things as he accidentally causes a nuclear meltdown that obliterates Springfield and everyone in it, leaving you, the friendly fingertip-owner to help Homer tap it and everyone back into existence…


There’s a lot of promise in this app-outing for everyone’s favourite non-Seth MacFarlane originating dysfunctional family – starting with Homer and some waste-strewn land, you begin tasked with a basic tutorial of building the Simpson house, a bit of a road and the Kwik-E-Mart, before being left in peace to erect an array of additional houses and Springfield landmarks using either earned in-game dough, the official in-app purchase currency of choice, donuts, or by awaiting the allotted construction cycle. In this way – you build them and they shall come – the residents return, helping you collect each set and opening up their character specific tasks to earn ever more money and continue to expand your empire, adding trees, rivers, paths and, well, you get the idea. As you’d imagine the animation is excellent and the reactionary dialogue from the tapped up tenants taken directly from the vocal talent from the show, but unless you’re a Simpsons super-fan, there’s a good chance you’ll find this shorts-eatingly dull before too long. The problem lies in the fact that it, ultimately, comes across as little more than an animated exercise in emptying your bank account – unless you’ve the patience of St. Jebus, the only way to actually progress at a pace noticeable to the human eye is to keep buying donuts from the online store (at no small cost either for virtual deep fried confectionary), a situation that rapidly spirals expensively out of control and becomes cow-havingly tedious... [Not a valid template]


A good idea with great graphics and amusing antics, ruined by avarice on a par with that of Mr. Burns himself, the only thing truly getting tapped out here are your finances. Or as Comic Book Guy would say: "Worst Simpsons app ever!"...

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Fun, frivolity and a whole lotta D'oh - The Simpsons arrive on Android...


the good

  • » A Simpsons game
  • » Good graphics
  • » Vocal talent from the show

the bad

  • » Requires much in app purchase
  • » Expensive to progress
  • » A bit of a con
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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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