The Story

If you've ever taken a killer holiday snap and wish that you could have sent it, along with a message, to your nearest and dearest in time-honoured analogue form - or by post as it's more commonly known - then wish no longer, for Touchnote is here. In short, Touchnote allows you to send a postcard emblazoned with the picture of your choice to anyone in the UK, Europe, hell anywhere in the world if you fancy it, with a few taps of your Android's screen.

The Experience

Touchnote is a breeze to use. Start your postcard by selecting the image you'd like on your postcard, add a message, select an addressee, and pay. And that's it. Your card will arrive 2-3 days later in the UK or at least 3 days later in Europe and you'll be the toast of the town, basking in the glory of being the most thoughtful person your recipient friend/relative has ever met. Each postcard will set you back £1.49, or you can buy credits in chunks and enjoy offers like 'buy 5 get 1 free' or our personal high-value favourite, 'buy 15, get 5 free'. You can checkout using your PayPal account or by manually entering your credit card details. Easy enough. If you're offline for whatever reason while you're on your travels, Touchnote lets you design postcards and submit them later and you can even track the status of all of your cards via the app to ensure they're on their way to the intended recipient in good time. And that's your lot. It's a free app that lets you send wonderfully quaint postcards - ask a parent - to people who like such things. Quality is great and, if you discount the odd poor review in Android Market for tardy delivery, the service is pretty quick too. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Well-designed app that makes creating old-skool postcards from hi-tech Android camera snaps a complete cinch.

Additional Info

Version reviewed Requires Android 2.1 or higher Download Touchnote from Android Market More app reviews here

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Plonk any photo you fancy on a postcard and send it to friends and family the old fashioned way...


the good

  • » Superb, slick interface
  • » Quality is good - but check your source file resolution before ordering
  • » Creates postcards in seconds

the bad

  • » Delivery times can vary
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