No, not some terrible, inappropriate televised would you?/wouldn’t you? grilling by grubby ex-Sky Football presenter Richard Keys, but the return of Disney Pixar’s comic creations to the app domain. Smash it? You certainly will…


Yes, Buzz, Woody, the pig one and the annoying cowgirl are back on Android in a 3D physics-based adventure that’s – pleasingly – mostly about the harsh mistress that is gravity, as you’re challenged to knock stuff down with a variety of other stuff. Taking on the role of Buzz, using balls, balloons, rocket-assisted wotnots and some conveniently placed exploding presents, work out the best position, the strategic points to attack, and get your timing just right to demolish a range of ever more complex structures to send the aliens toppling with the least number of shots possible. Naturally, being a Disney app, the graphics here are nothing less than pin-sharp and perfect, and the animation so on-the-money that this could well be another addition to the – let’s face it – superb Toy Story movie cannon, rather than just an app. With some 60 levels of puzzles to solve across four episodes, there’s hours of physics fun to be had here, and with star ratings to rack up, plenty of replay value to be had too. [Not a valid template]


Colourful, inventive and ever so slightly addictive, Toy Story: Smash It! may be up against an awful lot of stiff opposition in this gaming genre, but the characters and the quality of this app make it a must-have for fans of stuff-flinging physics fun. To Google Play and beyond!

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Current version: 1.00 Requires Android 2.3 and up Download the Toy Story: Smash It! app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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It's time to toy as Disney delivers yet another app par excellence...


the good

  • » Great graphics and gameplay
  • » Perfect physics play
  • » Slick soundrack

the bad

  • » Some levels are just target practice
  • » Ads for other apps
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Toy Story: Smash It!

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