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Space: the final frontier. These are the collective voyages of the Starships Enterprise, of Voyager and that one that’s just a space station. Their continuing mission: to seek out new life on the Sci-Fi channel and new platform migrations, to boldly go where no compilation app has gone before…


Launched almost to coincide with the opening of JJ Abrams's second sensational big screen stab at reinventing the universe of Kirk and co. for today’s generation, Star Trek: Into Darkness, this utterly unofficial, not the real McCoy of an app makes it easy for fans of the entire Trek franchise to beam up a bountiful 12-megabytes of material covering each and every episode that ever aired and even more on the movies. Presented in a format familiar to any hard-core, uniform-wearing, convention-going Trekker or, indeed, just anyone who happened across an episode or two of the later spaceship-centric series of The Next Generation and Voyager, the interface is an intuitive to operate recreation of the computer controls – a system that Wikipedia now informs me is known as LCARS. Just pick a year from the side-sliding scale running 1966 to 2013, pick an episode (all in chronological order, of course) and – set faces to ‘stunned’ – you’re instantly hit with a full plot description and accompanying high def images to scan to your eyecorder's content. An absolute gift to Trek-types who want to delve Deep Space Nine-er into their favoured flavor of Sci-Fi, an app containing this kind of access to affectionately and obsessively compiled information is not just pleasing in passing, but something they’ll want to really Klingon to. Sorry, one to beam up. [Not a valid template]


A smooth flowing fan fact-file on your phone, Trek Episode Guide is obviously only going to be of real interest to staunch Star Trek followers, so is it for you? Well, it’s free, a bit of fun and packed with facts, so ask yourself this: can you remember the saucer-section-emblazoned registry number of the USS Enterprise? You can? Then make it so…

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Current version: Requires Android 4.0 and up Download the Trek Episode Guide from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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The ultimate fan app on your Android? Here's one to beam up...


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  • » Star Trek interface!
  • » Full factfile
  • » Great for Trekkers

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  • » Just an episode guide
  • » Unofficial
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Trek Episode Guide

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