Face it, hiring a minicab in any Capital city can be a capital pain in the posterior – will it turn up? When it does will it over charge? If it does and you refuse will the driver murder you and dump your brutally dismembered body in an alleyway for cats to fight over? Don’t take a chance, download ubiCabs…


We live in a smart world where our smartphones can do all manner of smart things, so why do most people still rely on some seriously dumb ways to book cabs? Phoning up, giving names and addresses and then waiting, sometimes forlornly, for a minicab that is constantly “just round the corner” yet never arrives – surely there’s a better way? Well, yes, obviously; that’s why I’m writing this. Operating across London and Cheltenham (with more towns to follow suit), the ubiCabs app offers the transport-shy hassle-free online access to a fleet of some 2500+ TFL registered and approved minicabs and taxis for quick and safe service, instant, fixed journey quotes to avoid any awkwardness, no additional credit card fees – the quoted fee is the quoted fee, a real time map to keep tabs on your cabs, neatly sidestepping the location ‘fibs’ of others, and even the option to share your location and journey via Facebook. With an easy to navigate interface and even cab type options to select depending on your number of passengers, and as ubiCabs service the airports, how much luggage you’ll be lumping along, you’ll never be left running late or out in the cold waiting for a cab that never comes again. [Not a valid template]


An essential app for both long in the tooth Londoners and visitors alike, ubiCabs offers the smartest, safest, most certain service available. Affordable too, finally taxiing doesn’t have to be taxing.

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Current version: 1.9.4 Requires Android 2.0 and up Download the ubiCabs app from Google Play Checkout more app reviews here  

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  • Alex Mugan, 16th Oct 2012

    The Good

    Nice to use and the prices and good value.

    The Bad

    Needs wider coverage outside London

    The Comments

    The ubiCabs taxi apps have always been excellent on UI/UX and the pricing is normally pretty competitive. It would be good to see more of the U.K. covered, but evidence like shows they are starting to deal with this. Good app.

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Going Out

31st Aug 2012

Minicab app to ensure taxis don't have to be taxing...


the good

  • » Easy way to book
  • » GPS mapping
  • » Fixed quotes

the bad

  • » GPS booking can fail indoors
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