Set in a dystopian future where mankind is oppressed, controlled and crushed by a totalitarian state, freedom is but something Mel Gibson once shouted about. Until now, until you – an inexplicably talented Parkour practioner given all that oppression stuff – makes the free-running run for freedom…


Some app experiences just can’t help themselves; from the story set up to the first level and ever onwards, they are just instantly and almost ineffably cool. Vector is just one of such apps, using slick silhouette graphics with minimalistic colour tones making the whole shebang reminiscent of the work of iconic Hitchcock movie poster designer Saul Bass, or the opening titles of Chuck – which ever cultural reference suits you best. Then there’s the gameplay – a relentless, remorseless, unforgiving test of your timing, reflexes and reactions as you flex your free-running muscles, leaping between rooftops, vaulting over obstacles, sliding under obstructions, and performing a wide range of Parkour ploys to escape your persistent pursuers. Essentially a particularly sexy side-scroller, the animation is astoundingly realistic thanks no Nekki’s use of Cascadeur tools, keeping the action constant and the adrenaline flowing as freely your flight-taking Traceur. Remarkably easy to pick up and impossible to put down, if you can master all the moves then you’re a better running man than me. [Not a valid template]


An absolute breath of fresh air in the app-sphere, if the challenge of chucking birds at pigs is wearing thin for you, download this awesome original and hit the ground running with an app that’s got real legs.

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Current version: 1.0.0 Requires Android 2.1 and up Download the Vector app from Google Play Check out more reviews here

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Perfect Parkour performing player that'll run and run...


the good

  • » Great animation
  • » Cool action
  • » Addictive fun

the bad

  • » In app purchases required
  • » Laggy on some devices
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