The Story

ViBe is the answer to a very simple conundrum, 'How do you know who's calling if you can't see your smartphone's display?' In the case of this magic tool for Android, the clue lies in some good vibrations.

The Experience

There are many possible scenarios for when ViBe might come in handy. Perhaps you're in a meeting and need to know if its an urgent contact who's trying to get in touch. You could be at the wheel of a car and have to make a snappy judgement about whether to pull over to the hard shoulder or not. For the disabled or partially sighted, this tool app also serves as a nifty way of dividing up a contact list. ViBe works by assigning your contacts one of six vibrate patterns, so when they call you can recognise them according to the rhythm rumbling away in your pocket. Although you might get a bit confused at first, Knock Knock runs along similar lines as Heartbeat, all the 'vibrate tones' are distinctive enough to clearly recognise after a little bit of practice. You can also expand your arsenal of rumble patterns to a total of 11, for a $4 fee, but we think that might complicate things a bit too much. Your choice effectively lies between picking your favourite contacts or groups of contacts (family, friends, work), once this is done with a simple bit of menu selection the app is good to go and you need never log into it again. Needless to say, ViBe works fulfils its simple brief fantastically well and we're certain this is an app that will be sticking around on our Android handsets for some time to come. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

An easy call screening tool for when you can't see your Android smartphone.

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.1 Requires Android 2.1 or higher Download ViBe from the Android Market. Check out more app reviews here.

User reviews

  • Sargon Benjamin, 4th Nov 2011

    The Good

    simple intuitive useful

    The Bad

    let me think about it

    The Comments

    It’s about time we get custom vibrations for incoming calls. brilliant! great post too

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4th Nov 2011

An easy call screening tool for when you can't see your Android smartphone


the good

  • » Simple concept
  • » Distinctive vibrations
  • » Slick menus

the bad

  • » If only we had though of this first
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