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With Iron Man 3 still stunning cinema-goers nationwide, the timing couldn’t be riper to release this latest D.I.Y. addition to your virtual assistant options; the official tagline itself is “Make your Jarvis”. So we did…


We’ve tested out more than a few virtual assistants on this site over the years, and I alone have worked my way through the best of them, pushing them to their online limits until they pop, then turning on them like some self-involved, furry, finger-thrusting potato or a hair-hat-wearing orang-o-tan (depending on which side of The Pond you are) and dismissing them from my ’droid with a cry of “You’re fired!” But, never before had I encountered a VA app that you can set up as you see fit. And it’s a lady. Two qualities I admire in an app. A simple enough, Tron-like interface is your starting point as you begin to ‘teach’ Zandra what you like and how you like it, using easily assignable personal verbal commands to open up other apps for instant access to the likes of Google Maps and Contacts, or to go online, make calls and send SMS messages – just for starters – selecting how Zandra is allowed to do so, be it using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data or by accessing your GPS. The more commands you apply, the more she learns and, yes, you can even set-up her verbal responses to you… which is even more fun than you’re imagining right now. Admittedly, it is early days for Zandra and at the moment her flexibility may be a little limited by you, your imagination, your Android phone's capabilities and the current parameters of the programme, but give the girl a go, treat her to your teaching and just watch her grow! [Not a valid template]


The app opportunity to develop your very own personal virtual assistant that only does what you need it to do and does it well and with speed, although only a beta, Zandra is virtual assistant ingenuity in action. Fun to train, efficient to use and instantly a boon to your Android life.

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Current version: 3.5 Requires Android 2.2 and up Download the Zandra beta app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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Build your own perfect personal virtual assistant from the beta blocks up...


the good

  • » DIY Virtual Assistant!
  • » Easy to setup
  • » Fast and efficient

the bad

  • » Only a beta
  • » Requires time
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Zandra beta

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