The Story

Zenonia is an action RPG app for Android cut from the same cloth as SNES classics Secret Of Manna and Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past. You play a young hero named Regret looking to avenge his father’s death at the hands of a demon. Stilted storyline aside, this is great fun for anyone seeking more longevity from their Android smartphone.

The Experience

The Android Market’s catalogue of properly mythical RPGs may be regrettably slim but that just makes it easier for Zenonia to stand out from the crowd. Gamevil, the developers behind the app, claim smartphone owners can expect 40 hours of gameplay from this sprawling adventure and we don’t doubt them.

Aside from the game’s main plot, there are a barrel full of side quests to complete with the aim of upgrading your armoury and earning some serious money. Plus, you’ll need to level up your warrior so he’s no sap on the battlefield, meaning several trawls around the game world to kill various beasties are essential.

All this gameplay would be useless however, if Zenonia was as boring as many an RPG has the tendency to be. While this app can be slow going, especially at its inception when you’re being walked through all the tutorials, we found the overall experience to be extremely rewarding and unwittingly hilarious.

Having had its dialogue translated from South Korean to English, everything makes sense but holds the added bonus of including numerous strange examples of phrasing. For example, characters will frequently utter the words ‘bastard’ and ‘crap’ while bleeping out others.

So if your Android handset is missing an epic yarn featuring magic, treachery and oddly-phrased romance then get your hands on Zenonia right now.
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The Bottom Line

A ginormous RPG app for Android with enough longevity to sink a battleship.
Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.2.0
Requires Android 1.5 or higher

Download the Zenonia app from the Android Market.

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A ginormous RPG app for Android with enough longevity to sink a battleship


the good

  • » Solid battle system
  • » Plenty of gameplay
  • » Hilarious dialogue

the bad

  • » Ropey translation job
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