Some people hire a personal trainer. Some people run with friends. Some people just have the will power to motivate themselves. But for most leaving the house to pound the pavements is just a step too far; unless, of course, you’re running for your very life. Yes, in a bizarre crossover of Simon Pegg-isms, Run, Fatboy, Run meets Shaun of the Dead in Zombies, Run!…


It’s quite the concept: a motivational tool to help you whip yourself into shape that uses the story of a zombie apocalypse to keep you on your toes. You leave the house, you tighten your shoelaces and you start to run… which is when you hear them. Using an inspired audiobook style storyline delivered through your headphones as you subject your flabby form to the streets, Zombies, Run! makes you the star of your very own flesh-eater flick as the tale unfolds via a series of audio clips that drives you to evade the evil undead. Obviously, the app requires quite the suspension of disbelief on your part but, beautifully immersive, the storyline combined with the radio requests from base that require you to collect vital supplies really work to push you further and faster, delivering a uniquely entertaining workout that beats both the waistline and the walking corpses. [Not a valid template]


If you like to run, but not enough to actually do it and you favour macabre motivation to a music marathon, you’ve found your perfect running partner. Original, unique, guaranteed to get you into shape and utterly entertaining, this is the app of the zombie apocalypse.

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Current version: 0.9 Requires Android 2.2 and up Download the Zombies Run! app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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It's the zombie apocalypse, so get running! For real!


the good

  • » Unique concept
  • » Original storyline
  • » Will make you healthier

the bad

  • » Not strictly a game
  • » No pause facility
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Zombies, Run!

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