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Doctor Who – The Mazes of Time

Everyone's favourite timelord hits the small(ish) Android screen

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Review by on the 1st September 2011

Doctor Who - The Mazes of Time

The Doctor Who TV series has been a monumental success since it began in 1963. In fact it’s listed as the longest running science fiction series of all time in the Guinness Book of World Records. Small wonder then, that with current incarnation Matt Smith working the Dr Who faithful like a bunch of finger puppets, the BBC has seen its way clear to launch an Android app. And an iPhone app. But mainly an Android app. read more

Android App Reviews, Games - puzzle & strategy


Use the kit at your disposal to make increasingly complex contraptions. A bit like the A-Team for Android...

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Review by on the 21st July 2011

UPDATED 21/7/11 with App of the Week video:
Android games by their very nature tend to be fairly linear, small-scale affairs, good for a quick play on the train or when you’ve got five minutes to spare but not the sort of involving experience a console or PC offers. But there are exceptions. Apparatus for example… read more

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Homerun Battle 3D

Baseball comes to Android in cut-down, arcade fashion

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Review by on the 15th July 2011

UPDATED 15/07/11 with App of the Week video:
We’re British. We don’t do baseball, we do cricket. However, in the absence of any decent cricket games for Android – feel free to correct us in the comments box – we thought we’d give Homerun Battle 3D a run out (no pun intended). To be fair, Homerun Battle 3D, or HB3D as we shall refer to it henceforth – after all we’ve probably mentioned it enough times for Google now – isn’t really a baseball game so much as a game that takes one of the most important elements of that game and then turns it into an arcade sham of the original. Albeit a very enjoyable one. Anyway, onward we must… read more

Android App Reviews, Games - arcade & action

Backstab HD

18th century combat meets RPG meets impressive storytelling

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Review by on the 12th July 2011

Backstab HD

Backstab puts you in the unenviable shoes of Henry Blake, once an officer in the Royal Navy, now a broken man with nothing left to live for… Except a spot of vengeance, of course… Fresh from incarceration, Henry sets out on something of a killing spree. Your job is to mitigate his blood lust and ensure that he spends his time a little more constructively than beheading noblemen, garroting ladies of the night, and stabbing soldiers through the neck – enjoyable as that may be. read more

Android App Reviews, Games - puzzle & strategy

Cut The Rope

Slice the ropes to deliver tasty candy to your pet monster Om Nom

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Review by on the 8th July 2011

8/7/11 Updated with App of the Week video review

As we write this, Cut The Rope is available exclusively as an ad-served download from the GetJar app store. By the tail end of this week, though, it’s destined to appear on Android Market, although we dare say it won’t be a free download… Time will tell. Whatever the asking price, we’re willing to bet the gameplay experience itself won’t be subject to change, so we’re basing this review on the free download from GetJar. So there. read more

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Wunderlist Task Manager

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Bubble Shoot

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Comics by Comixology Android app review

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Spacecat 3D

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Cross Court Tennis

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