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Car-based killing classic rams its welcome way onto Android...

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Review by on the 15th May 2013


The cause of much controversy when initially launched for the PC back in the nicer old days of 90s, has Stainless Game’s car-based killer lost any of its high-speed impact in the intervening years to becoming an app in the twisted 21st century? read more

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Gangstar Miami Vindication HD

Gangster hi-jinx with 'familiar' gameplay

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Review by on the 10th April 2011

10/4/11 Updated with App of the Week video review

Cutting straight to the chase, Gangstar Miami Vindication is ‘borrows’ heavily from the Grand Theft Auto series. But since that series isn’t yet available on Android, this is currently the only way to get your gangster kicks on your ‘droid. Miami Vindication is the second in the series, following West Coast Hustle and continuing the guns, cars, bikes and crime theme from its predecessor. In this instalment, you must rescue your little brother from the, frankly dastardly, Armada gang.
read more

31st Mar 2012

Wunderlist Task Manager

Duration: 1:51

29th Mar 2012

Bubble Shoot

Duration: 1:46

23rd Mar 2012

Comics by Comixology Android app review

Duration: 1:58

21st Mar 2012

Spacecat 3D

Duration: 2:03

15th Mar 2012

Cross Court Tennis

Duration: 1:56

15th Mar 2012


Duration: 2:06

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