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Solid location-aware reference app


Review by on the 28th December 2010


AroundMe allows you to your Android phone’s innate self-awareness to find your nearest cashpoint, taxi or cinema.

On launch AroundMe figures out where you are by GPS and wi-fi information. You’re presented with a list of 14 point-of-interest categories from Banks to Taxis and Theatres. Actually, that’s Theaters because the app is written in American. This doesn’t matter hugely except you have to remember to look for Gas – not petrol – stations and there’s no point in searching for cinemas, it’s Movie Theatres you need (and curiously they spelt theatres right this time).

Touch the section and you’re presented with a list of car parks, pubs or restaurants nearby. There’s a map to show the first items on the list. One further touch on a listing gives you the phone number and offers map location and directions.
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