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CoPilot Live Premium UK + IRE

Nifty all-encompassing nav app with on and offline options aplenty

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Review by on the 5th September 2012

CoPilot Live Premium UK + IRE

Forever driving the wrong way down one way streets, careening off-road and into rivers, or sitting sobbing in epic tailbacks all because your transport technology is not up to task? Then you need to upgrade your Android assistance ante with CoPilot Live Premium… read more

Android App Reviews, Travel

NDrive 10 – UK + Ireland

Affordable and quirky satnav app that leans towards the basic

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Review by on the 17th December 2010

NDrive 10 - UK + Ireland

You may well not have heard of NDrive but the Portuguese-made app provides entirely serviceable satnav on a somewhat shoestring budget. The real question, however, is whether the app delivers enough value to make it worth investing any money at all given that Google Maps Navigation is free.

This app takes a similar approach to CoPilot Live 8 and, indeed, most traditional satnav apps in the sense that it requires you to download the mapping you require and then store it on your handset. This means that the app will continue to function even if you are driving through darkest Devon, where a decent 3G data-connection is little more than a distant dream.
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CoPilot Live 8 – UK + Ireland

Big-name satnav app that delivers plenty of features - at a price

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Review by on the 17th December 2010

CoPilot Live 8 - UK + Ireland

CoPilot Live is a major player in the world of satnav and it offers mobile-phone apps that deliver powerful features yet also remain efficient.

Even though this software has a price that is far lower than what TomTom asks for its iPhone app, the challenge for CoPilot on Android is to justify any charge whatsoever given that Google Maps Navigation is free. Let’s see how this bad boy flies, then.
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Google Maps

Best satnav app currently available for Android phones - and its free

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Review by on the 15th December 2010

Google Maps

Android fans were whooping in the streets the day that Google added a turn-by-turn navigation feature to its free mobile-mapping app. As if that wasn’t juicy enough, the program now offers additional layers of handy information, such as showing live-traffic updates on some routes and markers on the maps to indicate the location of nearby petrol stations, ATMs, and so forth. The app even boasts voice control (so you can simply speak your destination) plus the ability to switch over to Google StreetView if you’d prefer to see a photographic image of, say, a tricky junction or your destination. This, naturally enough, has proven something of a body blow for makers of paid-for Android satnav software and the mighty TomTom has notably stopped talking about releasing such an app. The question is, does Google’s wunderkind truly walk the walk? Let’s find out. read more

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