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Long-awaited addition to Android Market lands

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Review by on the 3rd March 2012


YouTube’s classier younger brother makes a long-awaited appearance on Android Market, but not without some complaints of bugs and lack of crucial functionality – so is it worth the space on your SD card? read more

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Pixelpipe Post & Upload HD

Geeky upload app that takes the pain out of sharing media files

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Review by on the 2nd December 2010

Pixelpipe Post & Upload HD

THE STORY Pixelpipe wants to be your media superhighway. It enables one-click uploads to 90 different websites and counting. These range from the obvious (Picasa, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapfish) to the positively obscure (anyone big on Plurk or Xanga?). In short, Pixelpipe is already plumbed into virtually anywhere that you might want to share a photo, video or sound file from your phone. THE EXPERIENCE Pixelpipe opens as a browser where you can review images (or videos or audio), then tag or title them and then select one or more for upload. Adding your own virtual “pipe” to a website read more

31st Mar 2012

Wunderlist Task Manager

Duration: 1:51

29th Mar 2012

Bubble Shoot

Duration: 1:46

23rd Mar 2012

Comics by Comixology Android app review

Duration: 1:58

21st Mar 2012

Spacecat 3D

Duration: 2:03

15th Mar 2012

Cross Court Tennis

Duration: 1:56

15th Mar 2012


Duration: 2:06

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