Everyone wants to have a good time on New Year’s Eve – which is why it’s so hard to have one.  But fear not, help is at hand. And guess what… it’s Android shaped.

Here’s how to deploy your Android smarpthone so that you instantly transform yourself from stressed out party-pooper to the life and soul.

Be prepared

Before you imbibe a drop, try plotting all the venues that you plan to attend into Google Maps and let it do the hard work of working out the most effective route. It’s worth installing Lookout Mobile Security so you can locate your phone if you lose it – and even remotely wipe it

If you’re driving – a rookie error – then you may as well let CoPilot or Google Maps Navigation guide you. The former has the huge benefit of continuing to work if you head into areas that have only a patchy internet-signal (or none at all) because the maps are stored on the phone itself.

On the other hand, Google Maps Navigation can helpfully display a Street View image of your destination once you arrive. This helps you to instantly identify which building to aim for rather than having to fanny around asking random people if they know where the party is. They don’t, typically.

Dump your ride

Stuck for a spot to leave the car? Let Parking find a nearby car park where you can safely dump your ride and then nip off to rip up the dance floor. If you’re forced to park some distance from the party, or are worried that you won’t remember where the car is (are you sure you should be driving?) then use the Carrr Matey app to set a geographic locator with a GPS tag.

Let the good times roll

AroundMe top Android app

Navigate Amercanisms to conquer your environment

If you arrive at a house party with empty hands, you naughty thing, then fire up AroundMe and type in “off licence” to see a list of nearby shops where you can swiftly bag a fine bottle of fizz to cheer your hosts. The app will even give you directions to these local retailers or show you on a map where to walk.

Getting home

If driving home seems like a poor idea (it usually is) and you plump for public transport instead, then London Tube Augmented Reality will direct you to the nearest tube station. London Tube Live will  even show live departure boards for tube stations. And if you don’t live in London, try Rail Planner Live for  live departure boards from most rail stations in the UK.

Alternatively, join the traditionally jolly find-a-cab frenzy. Except that, while other guests are asking their equally leathered hosts if the know the number of a local cab firm, you can let your Droid sniff out a ride home. One Click Cab is a free app that shows you nearby taxi firms and then adds 5p to the cost of you calling one. It’s simple but the list of firms is variable to say the least. A better bet is the all-purpose Yell app, which can of course, also find you a florist from where you buy a bouquet the next day to thank your hosts.

Speaking of which, when you arrive home, remember to set the phone’s alarm. After all, you’ll have to get up early to go back and pick up the car in the morning.



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