A 10-year-old Girl Scout who outsmarted game developers to triumph in her favourite farming games has discussed her success at the first annual DefCon Kids hacker conference.

The young boffin, who goes by the name of CyFi and hails from California, discovered the ‘zero day flaw’ in various Android games when she wanted to speed up the rate her virtual drops grew at.

“It was hard to make progress in the game, because it took so long for things to grow,” she told CNET. “So I thought, ‘Why don’t I just change the time?’”

This wasn’t just a case of CyFi moving her smartphone’s clock forward and backwards either. To trick her Android apps, our young heroine discerned the need to disconnect from wi-fi and make her time adjustments incrementally.

Although the hack has been verified independently, the apps it works on are being kept in the dark to so developers have a chance to scrape the egg off their faces and make the required fixes.



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