Android 5.0 Arrives in Autumn


Posted by on the 17th May 2012

It’s the news Android aficionados have been awaiting in eager anticipation all year – according to Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, the latest lavish flavour of the all-conquering Google OS, 5.0, will be rolling out as early as Autumn. And who are we to question the Wall Street Journal?

But not only is 5.0 – perhaps better known by its easier to palate name of Jelly Bean – just around the corner, it seems that Google is also to use the launch to shift its Android marketing strategy and offer unlocked devices toting the new OS directly to the public.

Naturally, the news is yet to be confirmed or denied by those in the know at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, but the Wall Street Journal’s source is reported to be ‘a person familiar with the matter’, and the move will come as little surprise to industry analysts who’ve closely followed Android’s rise to world domination and noted Google’s need to take greater control over its open-source OS.

Direct-sell devices are expected to comprise both smartphones and tablets, sold online and contract-free to consumers in the US, Europe and Asia. But with one eye on the surveys that suggest many consumers prefer to physically handle devices before they buy, it’s also believed that third-party retailers will be also allowed in on the new Android assault.

Rumored to be launching mid-to-late November, the move would tear down the last advantage Apple has over Android and, even with the Apple upsurge that will undoubtedly accompany iPhone 5’s launch in the summer, Google’s new store, combined with the all-new Jelly Bean OS, has the potential to change the platform marketplace forever.

Expect more details/facts/rumours here as we hear them!



  • chriszr1

    May 18th, 2012 08:45 PM

    let the take over begin

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