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Posted by on the 29th November 2012

We’re a fussy lot here at LOA. Whilst not exactly as attuned as audiophiles, we know what we like when it comes to sound, and we know that no smartphone, regardless of make or OS, can deliver the goods digitally. Bizarrely, most of the modern world has learned to live with this sorry state of sonorous affairs and, worse still, soon there’ll be generations who never knew audio any better. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

This is the ts02+mic headphones from US in-ear purveyor par excellence, thinksound. Compatible with pretty much all makes of mobile, this 8mm high-definition headphone is acoustically enhanced to takes the torpid tunes stored on your smartphone and up the audio ante that ends up in your ears, delivering cuttingly crisp quality, an epic soundstage, and the balance of a champion tightrope walker.

Made mostly from renewable, recyclable resources, such as wood and aluminium, the thinksound features PVC-free cables too, all of which should be as gratifying to Green types as the audio emitted is to those with more discerning eardrums.

Featuring an inline microphone and controls for the making and taking of calls to boot, there are two finishes available – silver/cherry and black/chocolate – and four different-sized silicon earbuds included to ensure complete comfort and perfect passive noise isolation.

Clean, Green and sonically supreme, the thinksound ts02+mic are the ideal Android accessory for those who demand more from their mobile music. Retailing at a reasonable £99.99, do your ears a favour and head here.



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