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Posted by on the 18th October 2012

We take security very seriously here within the impregnable mountain top lair confines of LOA and, as such, with Android seemingly constantly under potential attack from tedious Trojans and malodorous malware from all sides (although mostly from the direction of the former Soviet Union) we take a lot of stock in the apps we choose, use and recommend to protect your device from the duplicitous deviants looking to get their paws on your personal info and their claws into your cash.

To this end, last week we recommended the recently updated lock-out, look-up and lock-down lifesaver that is Lookout. But this week we turn to an also updated undoubted all-free classic of smartphone safekeeping, avast! Mobile Security.

Offering all the bells and whistles of leading edge anti-virus and anti-theft protection for absolutely free, avast! is so proven in its measures against malware that it was ranked number two in the app options in an independent test, proving to even the most sceptical security selector that over 10 million users really can’t be wrong.

Packed with features, avast! scans installed apps and memory cards, displaying access rights and any suspiciously insecure aspects, while the anti-theft element allows users to access, track and wipe a stolen device online. On top of that comes the automatic monitoring of network data usage and URL’s, SMS/Call filtering, an app manager and a firewall. And did we mention it was free, gratis, utterly without charge?

Available to download from Google Play, normally when something looks this good, logic dictates it can’t be true, but uniquely in the case of avast!, it is true and it really is that good. Go arm your Android.



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