Android smartphones were made for social media. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all thrive on a realtime user experience. More importantly, mobile internet is now quick enough to handle an endless slew of tweets, tags and circles without making your handset weep from the shame of its own dawdling download speeds.

Not all social media apps were born equal however, sometimes the official offering is by no means the best. To eek the most online attention, even when on the go, you’re going to need some professional guidance. Allow Life Of Android to showcase the top apps for all of your attention-whore requirements.


TweetDeck is the one stop shop for almost all of your social media needs. The app allows users to manage their Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz accounts from one single portal, thereby eradicating the need to have their four different apps all running on the go. With regards to Twitter, the user interface is even better than the network’s official app. No wonder the Jack Dorsey-founded company shelled out a whopping £25 million for the privilege of being taught how to work their own product.

Facebook Messenger

For some reason known only to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has two official apps. The first for all your Likes, couples profile pictures and postmodern status updates. The second for Facebook’s messaging service which gives access to the much loved Facebook Chat and Messaging features. Essentially, Facebook Messenger is a slicker version of BlackBerry Messenger which works for free across multiple smartphone platforms.


The new contender to the social media crown, Google+ has impressed since its launch in late July garnering a user base of over 27 million avid circlers. Its big selling point is the ability to split your acquaintances into appropriate groups and share your thoughts and photos accordingly, meaning your boss never has to see those drunken photos taken during office hours. More importantly, the Google+ app is being updated like it’s going out of fashion by its creators. Such is the harsh nature of internet life, by the time you read this post it may already be.


The latest sensation in social networking, Foursquare makes the most of your smartphone’s GPS chip to trace and share your movements in a completely non-sinister way. Become the Mayor of your favourite hangout and collect badges to showcase your ability to move between different locations. Our favourite is the Hangover badge, unlocked by ‘checking in’ to a venue categorized as “Bar” after 2am, then doing the same at “Corporate / Office” location before 10am the next day. Facebook have attempted to crash the party with their Places feature but it lacks Foursquare’s fiendishly competitive streak.


GroupMe isn’t strictly a social network but it is an essential app for keeping in touch with groups of your best friends and family. Select a handful of your nearest and dearest and GroupMe will allocate you all a number. You can then text the number once and that message will distribute itself to the entire collective via SMS, meaning everyone can get in on the act whether they own a smartphone or not. Perfect for keeping up to date with even the philistines who claim to have never heard of Facebook.



  • Kerli

    December 20th, 2011 06:07 AM

    I dont think that this feature is on the todo list of tweetdeck. it is owned by Twitter….

  • Samirah Simms

    September 22nd, 2011 05:20 PM

    Is there an app out (or coming out) that integrates Google+ Twitter and Facebook?

    Is tweetdeck looking into it at all?

    • Robert Leedham

      September 23rd, 2011 11:56 AM

      There’s no app that does this yet, as far as we know. We’d be surprised if it isn’t on TweetDeck’s to-do list though.

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