Over half of people in the UK now own a smartphone, and Android comes out tops as the winning operating system. Take that iOS!

A study by Kantar WorldPanel ComTech, a major tech market research company that polls 15,000 Brits over 12 months on their tariffs, puts smartphone ownership in Great Britain as 50.3 per cent, and over half of these are shipping with Android.

Thanks to a slew of new releases towards the end of the year to coincide with Christmas buys, 71.4 per cent of phone sales up until 22 January were of the smart persuasion.

And Android can now boast around 49.7 per cent of this market – an increase of  12.7 per cent from 2010. This isn’t reason for it to sit on its laurels however – the release of iPhone 4 meant that Apple stole back some popularity, putting it at 29.1 per cent of the market.

Windows Phone 7 is also making a valiant stab at selling new products, but remains at a relatively paltry 2.2 per cent.

BlackBerry and Symbian were the losers in this round, with 15.5  and 2.8 per cent slices of the smartphone pie.

With Mobile World Congress and its inevitable scores of handset announcements, it’s all to play for in 2012. We know who we’re rooting for…



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