Five of the best Android location-based apps


Posted by on the 24th February 2011

Your Android smartphone knows exactly where you are. A tag team of built-in GPS and a network connection can pinpoint your location within a few metres. Thanks to app developers this technology has advanced from a simple ‘you are here’ hotspot on a map to innovative location-based scenarios. From sharing your position with friends or family or changing your smartphone’s settings according to its location to displaying the best deals near you or becoming the Mayor of Dallas Chicken & Ribs, Life of Android’s five best location apps cover a wide-range of functionality. And we haven’t even mentioned the finest free mapping app on the planet.

Glympse – full review

Real time location-sharing made easy
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Locale – full review

Avoids the embarrassment of ringtone hell and enables your phone to manage itself
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Google Maps – full review

Best satnav app currently available for Android phones – and its free
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Foursquare – full review

‘Check in’ to locations for local tips and virtual badges
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vouchAR – full review

Sniffs out nearby discounts on everything from dining out to hotel rooms
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