At last, an infographic that combines the two things we love most Star Wars and Android apps. If the boffins at WebpageFX had somehow added banoffee pie into the mix then our lives truly would truly have been complete. Nevermind, we’ll just have to settle for this bountiful array of Android stats.

Most of the chart is compiled from figures we’ve already reported to you but here are five gems worth refreshing your memory over:

1) Free apps – Android is well on top of iOS in the free apps stakes with 60 per cent of its apps available for absolutely nothing. In comparison, only 29 per cent of iPhone apps won’t cost you a penny.

2) Smartphone distribution – As you should all know, Android rules the roost in terms of handset installations by a whopping 36 per cent. Apple are sitting pretty in second at 26 per cent but it’s BlackBerry (23 per cent) and Windows Phone (10 per cent) who have a lot of catching up to do.

3) Average price of the Top 100 paid apps – Surprisingly Apple comes up trumps here with an average of $2.15. Android’s figure is a lot more at $4.57 and it’s no wonder people never buy any BlackBerry apps if the going rate is $5.61.

4) Available apps – Apple’s App Store has been going for little over two months more than the Android Market and yet it stocks 150,000 more apps. That figure has slimmed at a rapid rate over the past year though.

5) Estimated revenue – The app economy is estimated to generate $15.1 billion in 2011 alone. Someone somewhere, basically Rovio, is getting seriously rich.



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