MWC 2011: Adidas MiCoach comes to Android


Posted by on the 16th February 2011

Adidas has made its name from being the fastest, the fittest, the best. What a surprise it is, then, that MiCoach has taken such an age to make it to Android. Still, it’s here now and that’s all that matters.

The MiCoach app has gone down a storm with our iPhone and Blackberry brethren with its training programmes for six different sports and audible pep talks during sessions. GPS pace zones keep a track of your speed and the app harasses you until your ears bleed should you drop the pace during a workout. We’re just kidding of course. But it will have words.

Naturally there’s a heavy online element to MiCoach. You can download programmes designed specifically for you, analyse your run data and then share your efforts with the rest of the MiCoach community.

MiCoach lets you listen to the music you have stored on your Android phone while you train and will relentlessly hound you with reminders to get your trainers on and get out there thanks to its work-out calendar. A blessing or a curse? You decide.

The only blot on the mobile fitness landscape is the fact you’ll have to wait until April to get hold of MiCoach for Android. By which time the urge to exercise will have completely left you, since it’ll only be 8 months until your next set of new year’s resolutions.



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