Over half of US elect Android


Posted by on the 6th April 2012

Lending credence to predictions made by industry analysts at IDC just two weeks ago, it seems Android is indeed right on prophesied target to achieve absolute OS world domination by 2016 following news that the platform of choice now controls half the US smartphone market.

The latest survey of US mobile phone users conducted in the three months up to February by comScore, the ‘global leader in measuring the digital world’, reveals that Android is now top of the OS heap in The States, hitting 50.1% market share, with Apple trailing behind with 30.2%, RIM continuing to plummet past the rim and around the u-bend at 13.4%, Windows Phone looking well and truly shattered at 3.9% and someone called Symbian not dead but not long for this world with just 1.5%.

For Android this is a jump of +3.2% since the last comScore survey in November of last year, marking the first step over the 50% mark, halfway to becoming the 2016 OS overlord IDC has feted it to be.

But 2016 aside, how do you see the shape of the OS market changing in the next six months? Windows to rise? iOS to rally? Or Android to continue to forge ahead? Let us know your thoughts below.

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