Review: KEF M500 Headphones


Posted by on the 29th May 2013

Time to head on over to Cost a Bit Corner now as we lend an ear to one of the latest portals to perfect personal playback on the go, the culmination of decades of audio ingenuity that is the KEF M500 – putting true high fidelity on your head.

Okay, first things first, just to get the shock-factor well out of the way early on, these are not the kind of on-ear cans you can expect to pick up from your local branch of Tescos (Other supermarkets are available, just not as omnipresent) as, weighing in at a reassuringly expensive £250, they’re far from an impulse purchase you spot and grab while in the market for a couple of days’ worth of groceries, the latest unreadably over-written Dan Brown balderdash for going on holiday and, perhaps, some socks you see on sale. Rather, KEF’s first foray into the world of personal audio is nothing less than engineering excellence at an audiophile level never before see used in conjunction with a smartphone.

An over-the-ear model constructed from precision-machined aluminium with sweat-resistant memory foam ear-pads and headband, plus a cunning ‘Smart Hinge’ that makes them more adaptable to even the most strangely shaped of heads, the M500 is comfier than your own ears, and when it comes to sound reproduction, well, welcome to a techie world of aural sex.

Featuring full-range 40mm neodymium drivers with high-quality, super-light, copper-clad aluminium voice coils that have been painstakingly tuned to perfection by KEF’s epically experienced engineers, sound is second-to-none, effortlessly fusing power and balance with clean, tight bass across the full frequency spectrum of human hearing.

Winner of a coveted 2013 Red Dot Award for design, the KEF M500 may demand a little more of your hard-earned than you’d normally consider handing over for earphones, but with the ability to enhance your audio no-end, regardless of simpering sample rates, and with an inline remote control with in-built mic that claims to be compatible with “most smartphones” (we recommend checking your individual smartphone model prior to ordering) to make the move between music and mouth-work more than manageable, this is the equivalent of walking around with the finest quality KEF speakers flanking your face, but without all the neck-breaking agony such a feat would involve.

Head over to KEF now and get your hands on the hottest things you’ll ever, sensibly, put on your head.



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