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Posted by on the 7th December 2010

Whether you’ve been stranded due to the unremitting inclemency of the weather, find yourself ducking into increasingly festive “meetings”, or simply like to remain productive while out and about, your Android handset can do so much more than keep you in the loop – with the right Office app, it can let  you edit or create proper office documents and then instantly share the fruits of your labour.

So forget the faff of finding a free table to crack out a laptop and tweak a presentation or tidy up a big report. Download one of the increasingly impressive mobile office-suite apps for your Android handset and you can immediately get cracking, even if there’s standing room only wherever you are or no wi-fi access.

What’s more, most of these apps now work with the big online services – notably Google Docs – so that you can store shared documents in the cloud, synchronise any changes and thereby collaborate effectively with colleagues when on the hoof. You’ve simply got to love that.

QuickOffice for Android screenshot

Work with Office documents on the go with Quick Office

It’s a matter of weeks since the QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite, one of the best-known names in this arena, finally landed onto Android.

This has obviously provided some much-needed competition for the grand old daddy of handheld tinkering, Documents To Go, especially given that it is slightly cheaper. These two are far from the only game in town, though. For instance, the online office service, ThinkFree, has an Android app of its own as well.

All three packages have been carefully assessed in the Work category of our reviews section. In short, however, Documents To Go proved the most powerful overall, with the best desktop integration and some exceptional formatting features. That said, it’s not quite as easy to pick up and run with as the slick QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite, which works especially well with various online services, despite having a few key flaws. Chief among these is an inability to edit PowerPoint files. ThinkFree certainly has its merits, too, despite an irritating reluctance to play nicely with Microsoft Office files. That alone may, or may not, prove to be a deal-breaker for you.

thinkFree Office app for Android

Work on the go with ThinkFree Office for Android

Unless you enjoy finger cramp, you’re unlikely to be poring over a detailed report on your phone – or even a tablet for that matter. That doesn’t mean, however, that a mobile office-suite isn’t one of the smartest app investments you can make. They’re ideal for roughing out ideas or knocking up a quick and dirty spreadsheet while on the road. A small edit here and there can swiftly fix mistakes that can rescue a presentation and stop that big deal going south.

Sure, there’s still a time and a place for laptop but it’s often faster to just whip out your smartphone, get the deed done, and then move on. You can even call your colleagues to tell them just how efficient you are. Don’t get too efficient, mind, or you’ll have no down-time left to finish off Angry Birds. Now that would be careless.

Documents To Go £9.65

Expensive, yet the only genuinely business class mobile-office suite for Android fans

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QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite £6.50

Versatile office app that’s enjoyable to use albeit far from the most powerful gun in town

Read full review

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ThinkFree Office Mobile £9.65

With a few modest improvements, this suite could be a real contender. As things stand, it’s overpriced

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