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Posted by on the 13th April 2012

Regardless of what the TV may wish you to think, success in business has little to do with keeping a hairy little despot happy enough not to jab his finger at you for five minutes while mechanically squawking “You’re fired!” No, when it comes to business in the 21st century it’s all about cutting overheads like rented office space and maximising your time on the move.

Fortunately, we find ourselves in the 21st century and no longer have to rely on outdated tech like desktops or, indeed, Sir Sugar’s less than ingenious Amstrad E-m@iler phones. In fact thanks to smartphones and a wealth of asset-saving apps, we don’t even need desks any more to run successful, bountiful businesses.

So, whether you’re a largely business-inept freelance journalism one-man-band, ahem, or the head of a small to medium-sized concern that relies on constant communication to keep afloat on the chaotic sea of digital commerce, Android has an app for all eventualities…


Stay in constant communication with your team, wherever you or they are, on the move for free. Share documents, post messages, have private meetings or full conferences, and then archive all that info (including conversations) in a searchable database for later. Yammer lets you set up a private, secure social network, with passwords for each team member, over which to conduct the lot… and at a cost of no-pence, that’s a business-bonanza.

ABBYY Business Card Reader

Here’s one of those apps which brings with it the sensation of ‘how did I ever manage without it?’ Simple enough, you point and click at a business card and ABBYY will scan essential details, before automatically adding them to your device’s phonebook and saving you from wallet-bursting over-cardage. Capable of ‘reading’ 19 different languages, for a one of cost of £6.45, it’s a business expense well worth making.

Full review here


Kicking Siri to the kerb, Vlingo is the voice-powered virtual assistant that’s like having your own secretary but without the wages and/or sexual harassment suit. Send text messages, dictate emails, search for directions, businesses or hotels, book restaurants and even update your Facebook and Twitter accounts – it’ll do whatever you ask. Unlike that aforementioned secretary…


Sadly it’s far too easy to lose track of your finances on the go – fares, food, fuel and everything that goes with a busy life on a business budget can get muddled on the move. So rather than tallying up receipts at the end of the day, let Xpenser track it all as you go, adding each expense by keyword, snapping a photo of your receipt and having it all stored safely for the accountants back at HQ.

Full review here


Need to access, create and/or edit a whole suite of documents and PDF files en route to the business meeting of your life? Well, you’re a bit slap-dash, but DocumentsToGo can help! Google Docs, Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it can unlock and let you tinker with the lot on your phone, even letting you sync via USB with your desktop once back in the office. Never get caught short again with old drafts again!

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  • azJohn

    July 12th, 2012 09:02 AM

    Hi Stuart, you might want to check out AnywherePad. Meetings are part of everyday business activities, and AnywherePad lets you meet anywhere and collaborate with anyone. Basically, AnywherePad is a meeting and collaboration app. It also lets you share your documents from anywhere. Very useful for business users.

    • Stuart Pritchard

      July 23rd, 2012 01:29 PM

      Thanks for the top tip, azJohn, I’ll take a look this week!


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