London Fashion Week has been operating in our glorious capital over the past few days. Naturally we couldn’t conceive a better way to celebrate this parade of size zero models and extravagant outfits than with a rundown of the best Android apps for the discerning clothes horse.

Fashion Diary

Imagine you’re a trendy fashionista who wouldn’t be seen dead in the same outfit twice. If you’re Life Of Android, you have to imagine really, really hard. Whatever your tendency for eye-catching clothes combinations, Fashion Diary will help to ensure you never bust the same outfit on multiple occasions in the same week/month/century depending on the size of your wardrobe. Simply take a picture of yourself and the app will archive it by date for you to return to if you’re unsure of the last time you donned a tatty t-shirt and jeans. In our case, that would be yesterday.

Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker

Trendstop is an extremely well-designed app for those Android owners with an interest in high-fashion. Check out the latest news and track the hottest creations from your favourite designers through a slick menu-driven system that’s full of pictures and extremely easy to navigate. Best of all are the app’s ‘Trend Reports’ which offer you a guide to everything from python punk to futuristic flapper. No, we did not just make that last one up.

Glamour Fast Beauty

A simple how-to app illustrating several timeless make-up tips courtesy of the Glamour fashion team. Fast Beauty is sponsored by Lancôme so there are a fair few plugs for its products but for a free and refreshingly professional app, that’s a simple sacrifice to make. Most importantly, the majority of tips are shown in video for maximum convenience.

Fashion Language Guide & Quiz

If like us you have no idea what the word “badla” means but you remain nonetheless intrigued, the Fashion Language Guide & Quiz could well be for you. Including a multiple-choice quiz, flashcards and dictionary you’ll never be found lacking on the meaning of a “buti” again. It’s a small accent item, usually floral, that’s added to a garment if you must know.


The gold standard for catalogue apps, H&M contains many a well shot snap of this season’s H&M catalogue, tailored specifically to the country you live in, and presents them in a set of impeccably presented galleries. Including a local store finder, Facebook connectivity and timely news updates plus the option to shop online, there’s little more you could ask for here.



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