‘Shed a few pounds with the help of your smartphone’ is a technology promise that has long been mooted but rarely delivered upon in the Android Market. To sort the body building champs from the pouting pretenders, we’ve rounded up the finest health and fitness apps available for Android. Using this handy list you’ll be able to train yourself to the level of a heavyweight champion of the world and heal yourself if anything goes wrong.

Runkeeper – Review

It’s hard to fault a free app which tracks your daily jog around town and uses GPS to record your distance travelled, pace, calories and heart rate. If that weren’t enough, audio cues and customised interval workouts are also included in Runkeeper to ensure you get the maximum value for that money you didn’t spend.

Crossfit Travel

True fitness freaks get the itch to burn some calories at the most inconvenient instances possible. Seriously, it’s pretty annoying for the rest of us normal folks. For the meatheads amongst Life Of Android’s readership, Crossfit Travel is a lifeline which includes a range of workout options which don’t require the need for any kit or a large workspace. Hooray!

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

With the season of goodwill and zealous over-eating on the way, dropping back down a jean size can be a struggle come January. Thankfully for those with an Android smartphone and the free Calorie Counter app to hand, losing a few pounds just got a little easier. With over 1,100,000 foods to track and easy calorie and exercise entry, this health app is the perfect accompaniment to the toils of dieting.

iTriage – Review

Health and technology has often been proved to be a volatile and untrustworthy cocktail, until iTriage came along that is. Combining sound medical advice with excellent location-based options for further treatment, it’s the only medical app you’ll need on your Android.

iFitness – Review

If you’re ever short on ideas of how to tone those muscles, then iFitness should come in extremely handy indeed. Featuring 300 exercise routines, most of which are supported by pictures and video, you’ll never get bored of sweating the ugly out of yourself!

For more of the best Android apps check out our list of favourites.



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