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Posted by on the 23rd January 2013

While we’ve always enjoyed the beneficial bonus of Bluetooth when it comes to setting free smartphone sounds without getting caught up in cables, we’ve also often bemoaned the battery drain and the sometimes almost painful task of pairing up. But other than requiring access to a whole Wi-Fi network, there’s no other way to wirelessly hook up to a horn, is there? Well, in true Top Gear intro set-up style, now there is…

Say hello to the new wireless kid on the block: Near Field Audio, or NearFA, as it seems somewhat inappropriately nicknamed by its creators. With no need to configure anything, NearFA can instantly set your sounds free from your smartphone, using less power than Bluetooth, once placed on the likes of this: the Touch Speaker from thumbsUp!

One of the first devices on the market to debut the wireless NearFA technology (not Near Field Communication, incidentally) all you have to do is set your Android on top of the speaker and enjoy amplified sound instantly. How this works is being kept a closely guarded secret by those touting the tech, but we’re going to take a stab at it and suggest ‘electromagnetic induction’ as being the magic that makes the music.

As to the speaker itself, packing a powerful 2x 2.5W RMS of output, the Touch Speaker is compatible with any Android (or indeed Apple) with an in-built speaker, allowing all comers to amp up the audio on the go with the utmost of ease.

Lightweight, finished in a grey silicone protector and powered by 3x AA batteries, the final beauty of Near Field Audio over Bluetooth is the far-lower production cost – available within the next week or so from Menkind, the Touch Speaker NearFA wireless speaker costs just £30…



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