A new app to protect against Android viruses has been announced by software security firm Trend Micro. Titanium Tablet Security has been designed for both smartphones and tablets running Google’s handheld OS. It also features an anti-malware scanner app engineered to identify and remove devious apps which steal personal information.

The anti-malware scanner app is free to download from the Android Market, while subscribers to Titanium Tablet Security will have access to a remote locate, lock and wipe function that allows users to trace their lost handset on a Google Map and then, you guessed it, remotely lock it or wipe their personal information via Trend Micro’s website. Additionally, users can bar online threats like banking scams and restrict access to inappropriate content, unwanted calls and text messages.

Researchers at Trend Micro have reportedly an 800 per cent increase in new threats for Android since February 2011, so what better time to update their own offering?

“With the sheer amount of personal information now being stored and sent via personal mobile devices, it’s imperative that everyone protects themselves against malicious applications, protecting personal and financial information,” commented Karen Hicks, consumer product marketing manager, EMEA, at Trend Micro.

“For many, their Android device is an extension of their computer so when these devices are lost or misplaced, it’s more important that they can be recovered, or at least ensure that the sensitive data is deleted.”

Trend Micro Titanium Tablet Security is available to purchase from all high-street stores, as well as the Android Market and is priced at £14.99 for a years subscription.



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