A new app designed to supplement your daily run with tales of brain-hungry monsters has crowdsourced over $40,000 from more than two thousand backers on fundraising site Kickstarter.

Zombies, Run! is a running app with a difference. The difference being instead of running to timed goals, you run to timed goals while plugged into an audio story about, you guessed it, the zombie apocalypse. In the story, players take on the role of “Runner 5″ and are tasked with collecting items that are vital for the survival of their community. When safe from the grasp of the undead, users can grow their base and unlock more content by allocating resources to where they are needed most.

The app is scheduled to launch on Android in May 2012 with its iPhone cousin planned for release onto Apple’s App Store in February the same year. Missions are estimated to last around 20 to 30 minutes in real time with 30 unique episodes promised for Season 1.

Speaking in the video below, the app’s writer Naomi Alderman warns of some possble plot twists, “There may be something dark and sinister going on other than the zombies… There are big questions out there. How did this happen? Does someone know more than they’re telling? Are you going to be able to find out the truth?”

Exciting stuff for Android fitness fanatics! Although we imagine the creators of the similarly named Zombie, Run! app may have something to say before this promising offering hits the real world.



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