Android launches UK movie rental service

Download The Dark Knight and Hanna for your smartphone or tablet


Posted by on the 21st October 2011

Android launches UK movie rental service

The UK’s Android Market now offers film downloads for smartphones and tablets. The service, which is already in the US, is available across any device a user is logged into during their rental period with prices starting at £2.49.

This means us Android-owning Brits now have access to a library of roughly 1,000 films, ranging from stone cold classics like The Dark Knight and Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life to bang up-to-date titles like Hanna and Fast & Furious 5. read more


VIDEO: Updated Android Market app launches in US

Yanks get movie rentals and a book store before us


Posted by on the 28th July 2011

VIDEO: Updated Android Market app launches in US

The new Android Market app is tantalisingly close for UK Android users having begun its roll out yesterday in the US.

Designed for handsets using Android 2.2 FroYo and above, the bolstered Android Market app allows users to rent video from $1.99 and choose from a library of several million books to download. read more

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