News Review: The most important Android stories of 2011

We round up the most important news of the year for Google's smartphone OS


Posted by on the 13th December 2011

News Review: The most important Android stories of 2011

As the Android news agenda begins to wind itself down, we’ve decided to decided to look back on what has been a momentous year for Google’s smartphone and tablet OS. With both Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich launching over the course of the past 12 months, plus plenty of quality of apps hitting the Android Market, there’s plenty to get misty eyed and nostalgic about. read more


News Republic app optimised for Android tablets

Get your word and subject sourced news feeds on the big screen


Posted by on the 18th May 2011

News Republic app optimised for Android tablets

Keeping abreast of all things news on your Android device is pretty easy if you have the right headline-generating apps. Right now two should adorn your homescreen: Pulse and News Republic – if you have a tablet you should probably throw in CNN as well. This tablet-talk segues nicely into the main news point: developers Mobiles Republic has rolled out a tablet version of its ace News Republic app. We’re not talking ‘working native within Honeycomb’ rubbish; this is a bona-fide made for tablet app that takes advantage of Android 3.0’s special tricks and traits. read more

31st Mar 2012

Wunderlist Task Manager

Duration: 1:51

29th Mar 2012

Bubble Shoot

Duration: 1:46

23rd Mar 2012

Comics by Comixology Android app review

Duration: 1:58

21st Mar 2012

Spacecat 3D

Duration: 2:03

15th Mar 2012

Cross Court Tennis

Duration: 1:56

15th Mar 2012


Duration: 2:06

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