Halloween Treats for Free. No Tricks!

MagicSolver offers gruesome games for gratis...


Posted by on the 19th October 2012

Halloween Treats for Free. No Tricks!

Wooooooo (meant to be a ghostly cry and not Homer Simpson)! Yes, Halloween has hoved into view and to ensure you get your fair share of treats this year, MagicSolver has today launched its Halloween – 13 Trick or Treats, offering Android users a lucky 13 free All Hallows apps… read more


avast!, Me Hearties!

avast! update arms your Android against anything...


Posted by on the 18th October 2012

avast!, Me Hearties!

We take security very seriously here within the impregnable mountain top lair confines of LOA and, as such, with Android seemingly constantly under potential attack from tedious Trojans and malodorous malware from all sides… read more


Wizz Bar adds custom app tray to Android tablets

Your favourite tablet apps at the tap of a button


Posted by on the 29th August 2011

Wizz Bar adds custom app tray to Android tablets

If you’re fortunate enough to be the proud owner of an Android-powered tablet, then you’ll doubtless be interested in a new app that drops a customisable app tray onto your homescreen. The brand-spanking Wizz Bar appears as a barely perceivable collection of dots on your Honeycomb tablet’s homescreen until you tap them, whereupon they spring to life in a cornucopia of colours, icons and barely concealed Android joy… read more


Top five Android apps of the week

The week's Android news morsels and app delights

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Posted by on the 20th August 2011

Top five Android apps of the week

Another busy week for Android-kind. The big news from the past seven days is that Google has swallowed Motorola Mobility whole, forking out a cool $12.5billion for the privilege.

In security news, top dog cruelty app Dog Wars – now deleted from Android Market and every other right thinking app store in the world – has been hacked by PETA, or rather an old version of it has, according to Symantec.

And, it turns out, the top 10 Android apps account for 43% of total Android usage. A huge kick in the teeth for first time developers looking to make their millions on Android. For shame.

But without doubt our favourite story of the week is the news that Blackberry managed to inadvertently advertise an Android handset in its BB7 fan night video. Priceless.

Given the title of this post, it’d be remiss of us not to mention the five Android apps of the headline. So here they are… read more


Top five Android apps of the week

The week in tasty Android apps

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Posted by on the 13th August 2011

Top five Android apps of the week

The hard-working and devilishly good-looking Life of Android team have been busy as ever this week, although not as busy as the 10-year old girl who managed to hack numerous Android gaming apps. And, we dare say, probably not as busy as those of you that have been familiarising yourself with the free Android hacking app for dummies that’s due to hit Android Market imminently. read more

31st Mar 2012

Wunderlist Task Manager

Duration: 1:51

29th Mar 2012

Bubble Shoot

Duration: 1:46

23rd Mar 2012

Comics by Comixology Android app review

Duration: 1:58

21st Mar 2012

Spacecat 3D

Duration: 2:03

15th Mar 2012

Cross Court Tennis

Duration: 1:56

15th Mar 2012


Duration: 2:06

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