Google I/O 2011: Google set to announce Music Beta service today

But no music labels sign up to its new cloud-based music service


Posted by on the 10th May 2011

Google I/O 2011: Google set to announce Music Beta service today

Finally, after much internet hearsay and conjecture, Google will unveil its cloud-based music service at the company’s developer conference in San Fran today. However, according to several sources it won’t be the Apple iTunes stomping service everyone hoped for, instead its mirrors Amazon’s recently launch Cloud Drive music locker but without the download store.

So Music Beta, will basically allow users to upload their existing digital music library to Google’s virtual servers in the sky then stream these songs to Android smartphones and tablets via a data or Wi-Fi connection and most likely using a dedicated app. And like Spotify’s app, Music Beta will buffer and store recently played tunes for listening offline. Also, the initial free locker storage space is believed to be more than Amazon’s offering although this hasn’t been confirmed. read more

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